Collared Dove with Torticollis

Collared dove with torticollis

Collared dove with torticollis. This bird was picked up after being ‘clipped’ by a car. The finder took it home and initially fed ok, however after 24hrs the condition developed.
They phoned us for advice and I was able to figure out the problem from having seen the condition many times following head trauma. So I knew I could help. The bird needed to be hand fed every day at regular intervals until the condition improved.

gradually improving

Gradually improving and able to feed independently in between hand-feeding to ensure sufficient taken.

during feeding

Bird needed to be hand fed at regular intervals until after 9 days it was able to combine some self-feeding following being hand fed.

collared dove, cullompton wildlife care

Much improved after 6 weeks and eating independently.

Source: Cullompton Wildlife

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