Welcome to the Cullompton Wildlife Centre site!

Cullompton Wildlife Care Centre specialises in hand rearing and caring for orphaned and injured wildlife from the local area. Although a relatively small centre, several hundred different creatures are cared for every year including:

  • hedgehogs

  • bats (registered carer)
  • owls
  • other small mammals
  • rabbits
  • leverets
  • ducklings
  • swans
  • fox-cubs
  • squirrels
  • The Centre started 18 years ago as a very small concern, and has since grown with the increasing challenges facing our creatures. New arrivals may be orphaned or injured, the victim of predators or other incidents including falling out of nests, road accidents, window collisions, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wildlife referrals also come from vet practices as well as RSPB and the Wildlife Trust, who do not deal with actual wildlife.

    Source: Cullompton Wildlife

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